About Us

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The Color Vibe 5K is a fun run series that’s dedicated to two things: COLOR and PARTY! We turn running into an unforgettable experience where you’ll come as a blank canvas and leave as a rainbow. Here’s how it works…


We design a 5k course with four color stations along the way. As you pass by each station, our volunteers blast you with our custom-made, non-toxic colored corn starch. The farther you go, the more colorful you get until you’re covered from head to toe!

Then, after you cross the finish line, it’s time for the most vibrant dance party you’ve ever seen. We crank up the volume, give away tons of free swag, and celebrate with even more color throws!

But the good vibes don’t stop there. A portion of the proceeds for each location goes toward a local charity in the area! You can help your community and have fun doing it! We host our events in hundreds of cities across the country, so find yours today.

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