Mike and Austynn Wilson – An Inspiration for All

Our runners are our greatest inspirations. They remind us why we put on these races and why we partner with the charities that we do. Nothing could have reminded us of this more than Mike and Austynn Wilson, a father and daughter who participated in our Utica run on August 5th. Austynn, 7 years old, has cerebral palsy. She attended the Kelberman Center’s camp, where her father, Mike, discovered the Color Vibe and knew she would love it. Because Austynn’s right side is effected by the Cerebral Palsy, Mike ran with Austynn on his shoulders. She was so excited by the color stations that she would get down and run through each station. Austynn wanted to support the Kelberman Center and have fun at the event. She was able to do both. Mike said, “This was our first run, but definitely not our last. Thank you for all that you do.”

We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Kelberman center and help bring fun and happiness to people like Austynn. mike and austynn