Miles, Medals, and Miracles

For Allison, one of our Akron Color Vibers, running is much more than a hobby, or stress relief; it is a way to share her love for Lucy.

“My running journey started a little over year ago because of my cousin, Delaney “Lucy” Grace Riley. She passed away in September of 2015, at just 10 years old, after suffering a massive heart attack while on her walk to school. Delaney was born with a congenital heart defect that had gone undetected. She never showed signs of pain or suffering, but doctors said she never should have made it past the first year of life. Her life truly was a miracle. She loved and accepted EVERYONE. She was kind and compassionate about her family, friends, and art. My biggest inspiration is her love of running. She completed two 5ks. I push myself everyday to be better, no matter how slow, because if she could do it with a broken heart, so can I. “

  Allison loves getting blasted with and green color, because both colors were Lucy’s favorites.

Allison (far right) and her team running  for Lifebanc as an organ donor’s family. She is holding hands with her cousin (Lucy’s Mom).

  Miss our girl terribly, but I know her legacy lives on. She inspires SO many people, even on an international level. Every step for you, Laney.