Imagine Dragons Grammy Performance


Grammy nominated band Imagine Dragons brought the Grammy’s to a whole new level Sunday evening after their color blasted performance. The vibrant blasts of colour chalk throughout their show was provided by the most VIBErant race around, yours truly, the Color Vibe! The Color Vibe 5k was ecstatic when Imagine Dragons chose our colored powder to be used while they rocked the stage at the Grammy’s.


Why Our Powder?

Our 100% biodegradable, dyed colored chalk is custom manufactured and produced here in the United States. The colored powder that Imagine Dragons used is non-toxic and made from food grade quality cornstarch! While color from the Hindu festivals may stain your skin and hair, you’ll have no worries with the Color Vibe color! It will even wash out of most clothes!

Come Party With Us!

You can come and experience the fun of having colored chalk sprayed ALL over you during one of our 5k races! The Color Vibe team wants you to experience the fun Imagine Dragons had while playing with the most colorful chalk around! Check out to join us at a race. You can also purchase the colored chalk that Imagine Dragons used by contacting us at: Buy Color –!

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