I’m a Survivor, I’m a Color Viber

┬áBrenda, one of our most devoted fans, has quite the incredible story! Here is Brenda’s Color Vibe journey in her own words:


“I have had two roll over accidents that I should have died from. I cannot work and sit behind a desk for eight straight hours. I am here for a reason….God has plans for me. Since my first Color Vibe in KC last year, I have done eight other 5k’s! Thank you. I am blessed to be on this wonderful journey. Your 5k is what got me started doing them!”


“This photo was in Jefferson City. My son and daughter in law are with me, she had her leg amputated later in the year. She is now in a wheelchair and uses a prosthesis(leg). My son is volunteering in Jefferson City with his wife alongside of him.”

Brenda loves dancing to Garth Brooks, “The Dance”, and getting covered in Blue powder! We love hearing stories like Brenda’s! If you want to be featured in upcoming posts please email micajah@thecolorvibe.com with your story/why you run! :)