How to Get Your Color On

Throwing color is like topping a waffle–there’s no wrong way to do it, really. Some people like the classic butter-syrup combo; others branch out with peanut butter and whipped cream. When you get down to the core, you’re still eating a waffle and, therefore, feeling happy about the world.

When you throw our vibrant colors, no matter how you do it, you’ll look like a rainbow at the end. However, there are a few next-level techniques that you may want to practice before heading out to the Color Vibe 5k fun run in your city. WARNING: These are reserved for those who want to get reeeeeeally colorful.

1. The Shake-and-Bake

For the high-energy Viber

2. The Take-It-Like-a-Champ

Who says you have to wait for the run to get colorful?

3. The Downpour

In case you missed a spot

4.The Cupful of Color

Sooooo many colors

5. The This-Means-War

In this battle, everyone’s a winner

Have any other great ideas to get your color on?? Let us know on social media!