Christmas Gift vs Experience

Don’t just give a gift, give an experience!

It is everyone’s favorite time of year! With the holiday’s just around the corner, most people can admit that they are in full-on gift shopping mode. And if you’re not, you’re lucky! Coming up with gifts can be a challenge, especially with how quickly trends change and know that one thing that used to be cool, is no longer.

Giving experiences has become a popular trend in recent years and is growing as research is showing us that experiences hold more value than material gifts. Think about it? The gift that you were most excited to receive one year, has likely lost it’s value, been replaced, or completely forgotten about and currently resides in the back of your closet with some other lost items.

If you have discovered the power of giving experiences, you know that those memories that come from the experience are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! Experiences do not have to be extremely costly and do not have to take away from the magic of giving a material gift. Popular experiences that can be given as a gift are endless, but ones that are great for the whole family are the most ideal!

Family friendly events that we love and know create an amazing experience for everyone are Color Vibe 5KOne World Sky Lantern and Water Lantern Festival. Each event is unique and memorable in it’s own special way. To receive a ticket to an event like this will create memories that are irreplaceable.

Try it out this year! Replace a new sweater for mom with a ticket to go do something fun with her, or a new toy for your child to add to the already huge pile of toys with a ticket to an event that will open their eyes to awe-inspiring events! We think once you realize the amazing ease and happiness created by giving experiences instead of gifts, you’ll stick with it forever!