Caitlin Richards – A Celebration for Myself

My name is Caitlin Richards, I am 26 years old and I have been struggling with weight loss my whole life. When I signed up for the run I weighed 332 lbs. I am the biggest I have ever been, and even though I love the person I have not always been comfortable in my skin. I have also found that at the young age of 26 I am developing arthritis in my hips. I have spent years trying to lose weight. Countless diets, exercises and meal plans and nothing had worked. Luckily, I finally found a doctor who went through the same thing I have. She has been helping me with my weight loss goal. Days leading up to the Color Vibe I was feeling pretty defeated. I haven’t been staying on track as well as I was, my mom had an accident and needed surgery and with everything else, I was stressed to the Max!! The day before I left to come down I had a doctor’s appt. And it was in that doctor’s appt that I felt the weight lift from my shoulders because I was told that because of all my hard work, I lost 17 lbs. since the beginning of my journey. ┬áBeing able to go down to the Color Vibe feeling lighter, feeling accomplished and feeling better about myself. The Color Vibe was my celebration to myself. It was the event that kept me going, it was a date stuck in place and I wanted to make a change before it arrived. It was a celebration to myself for coming so far. It was my way of making it across the finish line and last but not least, it is my victory, my battle, and my challenge to keep going with my journey. I look forward to signing up for future runs To come. So I thank you, Color Vibe, for being an extraordinary piece of a puzzle in my journey. But even more, I thank you for giving me a once in a lifetime experience that I was able to share with people who mean the world to me!

caitlin richards