Big Changes in Big Stone Gap

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Meet Ali M. from Big Stone Gap, Virgina!

Alli’s Story: Alli is 16 years old. Last February, Alli was diagnosed with being insulin resistant, having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and her liver enzymes were way too high. All of these medical conditions were caused from being overweight. Her parents decided to hire a personal trainer (The Amazing Keith from About Face Fitness in Big Stone Gap, Virginia) to help her get her life and health back on track. In one years time, Alli lost 65 pounds and became a NEW person! She went from not being able to jog for 30 seconds, to running a 5k (WOW WAY TO GO GIRL! ). She runs at least three days a week, and meets with her trainer for one-on-one training sessions. Her doctor is amazed with her progress (So much so that he has started training with the same trainer). Since her weight loss and life style change, all of her blood work is perfect, and her over all health is great! Her self confidence has significantly increased as her body image has changed. 

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“We are very proud of her and all of her accomplishments. She has worked VERY hard and all of her hard work has paid off. Her success has inspired us as a whole family to change our life style, exercise more, and become more healthy,” said Ali’s Mother Angie.

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Favorite Song to Jam to at the Dance Party: “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars (Good choice, we like that one too haha)

Favorite Color to Get Covered in: PURPLE!

Favorite Thing about the Color Vibe 5k:  Having all of the colors thrown on her!

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If you want to be featured in upcoming posts please email with your story/why you run! :)