What’s in a Name: Team Names that Scream PARTY!

We’ve been around for a few years now, and we’ve seen our share of colorful, crazy, hilarious team names. Your creativity never ceases to amaze!

But if you find yourself with a whole group of friends and don’t know what to call yourselves, here are a few of our favorite names to spark some ideas. After all, naming your team is half the fun!

1. Fluffy Unicorn Farts, Rainbow Farts, Glitter Farts…

Anything involving color and flatulence seems to be a popular choice among our Color Vibe teams. You can match together any of the above and create a team name even the most serious runner can laugh at!

Three friends piggybacking on each other

2. Rainbow Runners, Rainbow Racers, Rainbow Chasers…

In a run like the Color Vibe, where you literally become a rainbow, there’s nothing better to name your team! Step one: start with the word rainbow. Step two: add a word that involves running. You’re good to go!

3. Showstoppers, Dashing Divas, Fab Five…

Unleash your inner rockstar with a name like the ones above. The extra boost of confidence might be just what you need to get to the finish line. Plus, after such a colorful 5k, FABULOUS will be an understatement for how your team looks.

Friends dancing at the Color Vibe party

4. Run or Dye Trying, Your Pace or Mine, Sore Losers…

Who doesn’t love a good running pun? People will take an extra minute to read your team name, think about the double meaning, and smile. Brownie points if you can make a running pun and a color pun.

5. Not Fast Just Furious, Pleasantly Plump, Wii Not Fit…

There’s no shame in walking at the Color Vibe 5k. We don’t care how fast or far you go–just as long as you get covered in color! That’s why we love these hilariously honest team names. No marathon runners here; just a group of people looking to have a colorful time.

A man and a woman running through a cloud of pink color powder

Did you see your team name or something close to it in our list? Do you have another awesome idea? Share this on Facebook and let us know what names we should have included!