Amanda: Color Vibe First Timer and Weight Loss Champ!

Today is our first ever Fan Friday and we are highlighting one our most colorful fans!

Amanda Gentile








Location: Stone Mountain, GA

Favorite Dance Party Jam: 

So fav song. Honestly I couldn’t tell you they were all super hype, I don’t think I stopped dancing !! I loved the dance at the end. 

Best Color to Be Covered In: 

Definitely pink and green! In the pic you can totally see I am literally covered!! It was the best time of this year so far!!

Why do you Run?

Without fitness I couldn’t and wouldn’t be who I am today. Pushing my body to it’s limits and accomplishing my fitness goals continues to motivate me.

I started my weight loss journey a little over a year ago and lost 100 pounds within a year. I was 230 pounds at my heaviest weight and now I’m 130-135lbs. It was incredible to be able to run, exercise, and push my body to it’s limits.I hope that my journey encourages people all around to accomplish their goals, no matter how big or small!!

Favorite Places to Run:

I love running in the woods, Kenesaw Mountain and Rope Mill Park

Best Thing About Color Vibe?

I must say I LOVED it. Everything from the atmosphere, to the after party, to the positive encouragements from fellow runners throughout ! Oh wait and I forgot the best part THE COLOR!! Of course! This was an amazing run and I would love to do it again, with a finishing time of 35 minutes. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one ! I love running for a cause and to encourage other people that if you set yourself to a goal you can accomplish it, no matter the task!

If you want to be featured in upcoming posts please email with your story/why you run! :)